Pure Marine Collagen with Vitamin C

120 Capsules

Marine Collagen is made with a marine-based type 1 collagen that has been proven to be more bioavailable than other types.


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health benefits

The magic of collagen

Wrinkle reduction

A high-quality marine collagen complex can cause large improvements in skin hydration and elasticity, while simultaneously reducing wrinkles and stretch mark severity.

Bones and Joints

Our Collagen powder is designed to help fuel the bones, tendons and connective tissue that support healthy joint flexibility and bone strength.

Hair, Nails, and Teeth

Marine collagen is a great supplement to fortify your bones. It also strengthens hair, nails and teeth due to the protein it contains which can't be found in other sources like meat or dairy.

Gut Health

Our organic blend of collagen peptides and probiotics will help you stay regular while ensuring that your body remains balanced from the inside out.

Natural antioxidant

Vitamin C protects cells from free radical damage, allowing your skin to stay wrinkle-free and youthful looking. Vitamin C also helps create collagen.

Skin texture

Marine Collagen reduces wrinkles on both young and old alike while providing a boost for those who are already experiencing more mature signs of age such as crow’s feet around their eyes or dark spots.

marine collagen

the super supplement

Marine collagen is a type of protein that has been shown to provide superior absorption and bioavailability, as well as increased healing capacity. 

Marine collagen’s small particle size makes it easier for the body to absorb into its bloodstream more quickly – up 1.5 times faster than other types.

Product Size & Serving Suggestion

Serving Size : (2668mg)

Product Size : 120 Capsules

Serving Suggestion : Take 4 capsules once or twice daily

Nutritional Information

Nutrient Per serving (2.7g)
Protein (mg) 2668
Vitamin C (mg) 200
Calories 8
Total Fat (g) 0
Cholesterol (mg) 0
Total Sodium (mg) 0

100% natural

The ingredients

Marine Collagen

Premium pure marine collagen

2668 mg / serving

Vitamin C

Ascorbic acid

200 mg / serving

legendary reputation

The Reviews

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I recommend this product

I love Marine Collagen with Vit C

I can definitely say I feel the difference, I have been using the Pure Within products from the 10th of Jan 2022 and have already seen results in my skin, in my body, my immunity is constantly boosted I never skip a day. Especially with covid being all over, the use of collagen in my daily regime has been incredible, helps fight inflammation, eases painful joints, gives you that glowing skin. I only recommend a product and have never seen such fast results like this before. I am using the Pure Marine Collagen with Vit C, Pure Cleanse and Pure Trim metabolism booster and all of them used together you just see amazing results! Finally found a product that i can make use of on a daily basis as there is so many collagen products out there.

Madelaine R.
I recommend this product

Pure Marine Collagen with Vit C

I am very happy with this product - have used for 2 months now and will not change any time soon.

Lindie P.
I recommend this product

This product is great

This is my second bottle and I feel this product really works for my skin, my hair elasticity is also stronger.

Pure Within Pure Marine Collagen with Vitamin C Review
A Pure Within Customer
Taniqua W.
I recommend this product

Marine Collagen

I absolutely love this product. I have felt a difference in my hair after just a few days of using it. I recommend it to everyone that brings up trying collagen. I love the fact that you provide the marine collagen in capsule form. Very convenient!

A Pure Within Customer
Marizelle E.
I recommend this product

Marine Collagen

Found massive benefits in my skin health overall - the ultimate glow up product!!!


Frequent Questions

Marine collagen has become a beauty buzzword recently and some have even called it the next health superfood. Research suggests marine collagen benefits range from weight, muscle maintenance to bone and joint support as well as promoting healthy tissue growth of hair, skin, nails and more.

Marine collagen is safe, effective and natural for pregnant women who are breastfeeding. Many lactating mothers experience brittle nails and hair loss during postpartum recovery; marine collagen can replenish nutrients in the body to prevent these conditions from worsening.

Studies have found that ingesting marine collagen repairs skin and elastin protein fibers, resulting in increased firmness. Human studies show significant improvement of wrinkles following supplementation with this product.

Take (4) capsules once or twice daily before a meal with water as recommended by a healthcare professional.

The benefits of marine collagen peptides are many. They provide a healthy way to get your protein and they don’t contain mercury like some other supplements do! Marine collagen doesn’t have any fat, so you can be sure that it’s free from toxins or impurities.

Fish collagen is extracted from cold sea fish, either the meat or scales. It consists primarily of Type I and III collagens that are responsible for strong skin, bones and connective tissues in humans.

Collagen is responsible for 80% of skin’s structure and provides firmness, strength. Elastin helps the elasticity in your face stay tight.

Collagen is a natural protein found in bones, skin and joints. Marine collagen has been shown to help the body with joint pain by adding minerals like calcium that are necessary for bone health. Studies have also shown marine collagen supplements can improve muscle strength and flexibility while reducing inflammation- all helpful when you’re living an active lifestyle.

Collagen supplementation has been scientifically proven to boost the elasticity of skin and help repair damage caused by stretch marks.


1 Tree Planted For Every 10 Products Sold

We created Pure Within for the love of the human body and the planet as well. So we are taking action in doing our share of helping to improve the  environment.

We partnered with Food And Trees For Africa ( to make a change. For every 10 Pure Within products sold we pledge to plant one tree in Africa.


Plastic-Free Packaging

We made great efforts in towards making our packaging more planet-friendly so our latest generation of packaging is only made out of paper and glass, completely eliminating plastic.


Natural Ingredients Only

Our products feature only 100% natural and organic ingredients that Mother Nature gave us. We don’t use any chemicals, colorants, artificial flavours, or any of that nasty stuff.

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Pure Marine Collagen with Vitamin C


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