Monique Knoechl - Benoni Client

"No more excessive make up with PureWithin Collagen.... My skin is glowing. 40 in a couple of days but as but as long as I am on collagen I reckon I can say #39 forever."

Jessica Smith - Westrand Client

Hi Jen X. Just wanted to let you know that your product has kinda changed my life! My hair is very brittle and dry and I've noticed such a difference in the last 2 weeks. My hair has never been so easy to maintain and it has never felt this soft. 

Adrie - Benoni Client

"Hey purdy lady. My mom is so chuffed with her collagen she says her skin feels so smooth. She wants to continue with 2 bags a month for her arthritis  #collagencustomersforlife"

Tyla Du Bois - Zimbabwe Client

"I could not go a day without make up and now I can ! I have lost 2kgs since taking it ! "

Angie Jhb Purist

"Mondays are hectic on my skin , so I'm feeding it from the inside , out."

Megan Marx - Pretoria Client

"I've started taking the 10g of Collagen everyday in my coffee and I love it! I barely taste it at all. My hair is looking very shiny so I definitely think I am reaping the benefits."

Roelien - East Rand Client

"After just 2 & a half weeks, I have noticed my energy levels are great ! I also have been giving the powder collagen to my son, Willem, because he plays rugby, he says it really helps him with his sore muscles and aches, he also sprained his pinkie finger and within 4 days he had no pain anymore."

Nicole Cape Town Client

"I'm a nail tech and suffer terribly with joint pain in my shoulder and that is now gone! My skin is glowing and I don't have any more breakouts and my hair is not falling out as much as it used to, it is growing healthy and looking beautiful"                                                

Fatima Kharbai - Pretoria Purist

"Jenna!!! A lil personal feedback from the bovine collagen , due to being pre-diabetic, I had dark patches of skin on my underarms and inner thighs .. and with just over 2 weeks of using the collagen I see the skin lightening. This makes me insanely happy coz ive tried so many other treatments with no results even after months of treatment."

Luke White River Purist

"Since I was a teenager my ankles have always clicked out of place due to many bmx accidents .. since using Pure Within I have noticeable less pain in them."

Terry - Cape Town Purist

I'm just loving all the results I'm getting from taking collagen. I usually have quite a lot of lower back and hip pain due to my osteoporosis. Not any more! My digestion is so much better now which I can only credit to Collagen as I know it's known for improving Gut Health.

Lastly I've always had very thin slow growing hair and since taking collagen it's definitely looking much healthier and thicker. The effect it's had on my nails is amazing as they are much stronger and also grow like crazy. So, I'm a true believer!

Carolyn - Cape Town Purist

I must admit I was sceptical at first - there are so many vitamins/health products out there!

Then I started googling Moringa and Collagen and read about the amazing results people had. I bought Moringa to try...

WOW! After one month my skin started clearing (I have psoriasis) and my digestion improved.

After two months my energy levels were way up. I'M IMPRESSED! 

I decided to pass on my amazing results too

Angelique Forman - Northriding Client

"Jenna .. Thank you so much for my Collagen ! Firstly , my skin has cleared up in a matter of days! My bloating is completely gone and I'm so excited to see the change in my hair. Thank you"

Monika Devezas - Benoni Client

"I'm super happy with the results I have seen in such a short time , its so easy to use !!! I will definitely be using this everyday for the rest of my life! Love , love , love Pure Within"

Claire - Eastrand Purist

"The results speak for itself ... glowing skin .. shiny hair ... feeling fantastic"

Alice - Pretoria Client

"I love the collagen . It works so well already my skin is glowing ! My magic potion"

Eloise Lubbe - Clubview Pretoria Purist

"I'm seeing subtle changes in my skin. Its much more supple and soft. Every few days, I see my skin improving bit by bit."

Stephen Kosterman - Pretoria Client

"As a musician the collagen's been fantastic for my joints, its been keeping me noticeably supple and flexible😎"

Chantel - East Rand Client

"Good morning, for sure my hair is always shining , my skin feels 100% better and smoother. Amazing!"

Reandi Grey - 7de Laan Actress

"Good morning beautiful This Collagen is amazing !!! My hair generally grows super super slow , and now it is growing at the speed of light ! "

Sandra Honwana - Randburg Purist

Since I started  using pure within premium hydrolyzed Collagen,I started noticing a positive change within a few months .My dark spots are lighting up and my skin tone and elasticity is improving daily.

Razziella Grey - Pretoria Purist

I absolutely love the results I’m physically seeing and feeling  from taking the Pure Within's natural products. I have more energy to fuel me through the day due to Moringa Leaf and the cellular boost Pure Within Collagen  gives my body shows that it recovers quicker. There is no doubt in my mind that The Pure Within products are part of what makes me feel great in my skin!

Thank you

Elne Pitzer - Pretoria Purist

"Thank you Pure Within , thanks to you I don't need a hand full of pills! I love that this product is natural and it helps repair my body. I am in love with this product and how it makes me feel."

Sally - Greenstone Purist

My work outs are extremely intense, so I believe collagen has helped my muscles recover alot quicker, the pain in my knee that I kept getting, is completely gone! I'm 31 and I feel so energized, strong and healthy! Where, when I was 21, I couldn't even do 1 push up, my core is stronger than ever, and I have had an hernia op in my belly button! So put in all the goodness in your body now, and I guarantee you, once you start feeling good, and you see the difference, You will be unstoppable!

Will - Cape Town Client

I'm sold on Collagen. I had so much pain in my arm I couldn't lift it for months. After only 3 weeks of taking collagen I started noticing a difference. It's also helped with joint pain in my knees. Amazing!

Bev - East Rand Purist

"I've been taking Pure Within products for 2 months now, just loving how I'm feeling and looking!"