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Pure Marine Collagen with Vitamin C

Marine Collagen Benefits For Health and Beauty
As we age, our body’s ability to produce new collagen declines and existing collagen begins to break down. This loss of collagen is the root of the aging of our skin, joints, and bones, and this diminished supply can lead to increased digestive problems, a weakened immune system, and an increased risk of chronic illness.



What is Marine Collagen ?

Collagen is the most abundant protein in our body, yet our bodies produce less and less of it with each passing year. Since most of us don't get enough collagen through our diets, supplementing with a quality source of collagen peptides is essential to keeping our bodies strong and healthy. This is where Marine Collagen Peptides can help. There are lots of marine collagen peptides benefits. Collagen peptides can come from different sources, including bovine and other animals. Marine Collagen Peptides are derived entirely from fish collagen, either fish skin or scales. The unique composition and structure of Marine Collagen Peptides provide numerous health benefits as explained below.

1. Marine collagen is highly bioavailable

One marine collagen benefit is that it has superior absorption and bioavailability. Marine collagen has the smallest particle size and lowest molecular weight among all collagen types, which allows it to pass through the intestinal wall into the bloodstream more easily to provide better healing, repair, and nourishment. Marine collagen is absorbed up to 1.5 times more efficiently than other types of collagen, making it one of the best and effective types of collagen.

2. Type 1 Collagen

Another marine collagen peptides benefit is that it is mostly made up of Type 1 Collagen. There are over forty different types of collagen throughout the body that vary in their composition and function, but Type 1 collagen is the most abundant collagen in our body. Marine collagen consists almost entirely of Type 1 collagen, which is an important component of skin, bone, teeth, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and fascia.

3. Rich in the amino acids glycine and proline

An important marine collagen benefit is that it provides 8 out of 9 essential amino acids, including substantial amounts of glycine and proline which perform important functions throughout the body. Glycine is an all-encompassing amino acid that promotes the building of lean muscle mass, impacts the central nervous system to prevent the formation of stomach ulcers, has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, and improves glucose tolerance to protect against diabetes. Proline is important for stimulating collagen synthesis and works as an antioxidant by scavenging free radicals to prevent cell damage.

4. It is environmentally friendly.

A marine collagen benefit that you might not know is that marine collagen is the most environmentally sustainable source of collagen. An estimated 60% of by-products of fish processing become waste but researchers recently discovered that these by-products, especially the collagen-rich fish skin, have amazing health-boosting properties. Marine collagen made from fish skin helps to reduce environmental pollution and provides a superior and beneficial source of collagen protein.

5. With added Vitamin C to increase absorpotion and stregthen your immune system. 

Calories                         8

Total Fat (g)                  0    

Cholesterol (mg)           0

Total Sodium (mg)        0

Protein (mg)              2668

Vitamin C (mg)           200

Is Pure Within Marine Collagen healthy?

Marine collagen has become a beauty buzzword recently, and some have even called it the next health superfood. Research suggests marine collagen health benefits range from weight and muscle maintenance to bone and joint support, to promoting healthy tissue growth of the hair, skin, and nails.

Is Pure Within Marine Collagen safe to take while breastfeeding?

Yes, marine collagen is safe to use during breastfeeding. ... Many women also experience brittle nails and hair loss after pregnancy and have found marine collagen has assisted in replenishing the nails and hair with vital nutrients.

Does Pure Within Marine Collagen work?

Preclinical studies show that ingesting marine collagen repairs skin collagen and elastin protein fibers and produces a significant thickening of the outer skin surface (epidermis). Human studies have reported decreased wrinkles and improved skin hydration and firmness following marine collagen supplementation.

How do you use Pure Within Marine Collagen?

Take (4) capsules once or twice daily before a meal with water as recommended by a healthcare professional. 

Does Pure Within Marine Collagen contain mercury?

Marine collagen peptides are a great way to get your protein. ... We're happy to say marine collagen does not contain mercury. Mercury mostly accumulates in fat tissue, and marine collagen is free of fat – it's pure protein, with any toxins or impurities carefully removed.

What type collagen is Pure Within Marine Collagen?

Fish collagen, also known as ' marine collagen ', is extracted from either the meat or scales of cold sea fish and is primarily Type I and Type III collagen. ... Also, Fish collagen is made of Type I collagen, which is the building block for strong, flexible, and durable connective tissues, bones, and skin.

Does Pure Within Marine Collagen help joints?

Given its smooth consistency that helps keep bones together, marine collagen allows joints to move easily and can even help prevent deterioration. According to a study conducted on athletes with joint pain, taking collagen as a supplement for 24 weeks gave them improvement and relief of their joint pain. Marine Collagen is a nutritional supplement made from fish materials. It's rich in amino acids that play an important role in the building of joint cartilage and it may have anti-inflammatory effects.

Product Size : 120 Capsules

Serving Suggestion : Take 4 capsules once or twice daily 

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